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Phone: (56)222770556 (Chile)

In 1989,Mario Olguin created the musical group Beatlemania, which already has 35 years of uninterrupted national and international experience.

Parallel to this musical activity, in 1997 he carried out the first Beatles Tour to England carrying followers of The Beatles to London and Liverpool.
To date he has already made 23 trips and taken over 300 people from different countries in America and Europe to England.

Starting in 2019 and parallel to Beatlemania, he began his solo career with the publication of his first single"Sultan" to later do it with"London City" In 2020, both songs were written by him.

Without leaving Beatlemania, at the end of 2021 he created Los Bestones, a band made up mostly of members of the Beatlemania Group and which participates in the arrangements of their songs and their live performances. His last single was"Once and Twice"  published in July 2023.

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