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The Beatles London Tour Part 1 begins with a visit to a couple of Beatles places and where there are also photos of them. The idea is to try to replicate the photos as accurately as possible. They are very entertaining moments, especially when a British person comes up to ask why we are taking pictures, in a place that doesn't mean anything to him. After this, which takes almost an hour, we head by train to south west London, which in a 30-minute trip takes us to Twickenham Studios, where The Beatles recorded a large part of the scenes for the film "A Hard day's night"; and "Help"; and where a large part of the scenes from the documentary "Get Back" take place;. Several scenes from the film "Help"; and "A hard day's night"; They needed exterior locations and they looked for them in the same neighborhood, like the iconic scene when John, Paul, George and Ringo enter their house, each one through a different door or, the pub where Ringo starts playing darts. There are at least 4 places of that type in the neighborhood and photos of The Beatles in them and we play to replicate, each one of them. We stop and have lunch in the same pub where Ringo enters the film "A hard day's night"; and then we head to the beautiful city of Richmond, located 10 minutes by bus from where we are. In this city, located on the banks of the Thames, Bernardo O'Higgins lived and studied. We visited the house where he lived and the square that bears his name, in the heart of the city. O'Higgins is not the only famous person in Richmond, Mick Jagger and Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Brian May, guitarist of Queen, among other personalities live here.

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