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/ Part 3

Today is the last day of activities. We left a little later than usual (10.30 am) and after visiting at least 10 Beatles places, we finally reached the top, because around 4 pm, we prepared to cross the Abbey Road Zebra Crossing. We will be here for at least an hour and a half and each passenger will be able to cross the Zebra Crossing as many times as they want and take the photos they want, whether individually or in a group. It's the dream ending.


Places we visited: 

1. His girlfriend Jane Asher's family home, where Paul lived. Here, he wrote "Yesterday"

2. The passage through which Paul escaped from his followers.

3. The former EMI HOUSE building, from which the Beatles posed for the cover of the album "Please Please me"

4. The house where Ringo Starr lived and in whose basement John and Yoko lived.

5. The building of the former Apple Boutique.

6. The church where Paul and Linda got married, so did Ringo and George here.

7. Marylebone Station, where the fan chases for the film "A Hard Day's Night" were filmed.

8. Boston Place, the place where George falls (he who knows, knows).

9. Beatles London Store.

10. Paul's most famous house in London. Here he lived with Linda, he still owns it.

11. Abbey Road Studios.

12. Abbey Road Zebra Crossing. Mario Olguín, already relaxing at Abbey Road, the Beatles Tour ended. 

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