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In 1989, Mario Olguín decided to form a group that would perform the musical work of The Beatles live, and in August of that same year, he founded Beatlemania, with its main motto being to perform the songs of The Beatles in the original voice recordings in which were created, without attempting to imitate the voices or appearance of the legendary Liverpool quartet.​

The Beginning
Penny Lane is one of the first places where they began to play in Santiago, a pub from that time, located in the Bellavista neighborhood, which was attended by lovers of Beatles music. Given the success of their presentations, the group captured the attention of the media, and in less than a year they became known nationally, thus beginning an extensive period of touring.

National and international tours.
(Chile, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, England and the United States).

From 1989 to 1992, they toured Chile from north to south offering concerts in various places, such as beaches, stadiums, and theaters. One of the most massive presentations is held at the Monumental Stadium, where they perform before 40 thousand people.

In October 1992 they made their first international foray, appearing on the main Argentine TV entertainment program, the program "Una Buena Idea" hosted by Juan Alberto Badía and which was broadcast throughout America on the Telefé channel.

On February 11, 1993, they performed at the XXXIV International Song Festival of Viña del Mar, where they were awarded the silver seagull. They repeat their presentation on February 13.

In July 1993 they made their second international tour, this time to La Paz - Bolivia.
In this city they bring together over 15,000 people in 2 consecutive presentations.

In September 1993 they traveled to Paraguay to the San Bernardino Festival, where they shared the stage with Rick Wakeman, Air Supply and José Feliciano.

In 1994 they returned to Bolivia and Paraguay and in October of that same year, they traveled to the United States to perform at Sábado Gigante Internacional.

They returned to Bolivia in 1996, a tour that included the cities of La Paz, Sucre, Oruro and Potosí.


In 1997 they traveled to England to offer a concert of more than 2 hours at the Cavern Club in Liverpool, a concert that was produced by Alan Williams, the Beatles' first manager.

That same year (1997), within the framework of Octoberfest, they returned to Bolivia for the fourth time, to perform in the city of Santa Cruz de La Sierra. They return to Bolivia for a fifth tour, in 2004.

​​In October 2005, they performed for the first time in Lima, Peru, a tour that they repeated again in 2006.

​ In 2012 they made their first tour of four, together with Pete Best, first drummer of The Beatles (1960-1962). They repeat the tour in 2013, 2015 and 2017, ending the latter with a massive concert at the Gran Arena Monticello.


Today, Beatlemania is a consecrated group not only in Chile, it is also established worldwide.

American and for many it is one of the best (if not the best) Beatle band in the world.

As Mario Olguín says, "there is no Beatle band in the world that is as well known in its country as Beatlemania is in Chile."


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