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Next Sunday, February 25 at 7:30 p.m., we will offer a concert at the Cine Arte in Viña del Mar, thus continuing the celebration of the group's 35 years of history.


The Cine Arte de Viña del Mar is in the heart of Viña del Mar, in front of the main square and as you can see, the day and time have been chosen to facilitate the attendance of children with their parents.


It will be a two and a half hour concert with a repertoire of more than 35 songs, from the first album to the last and even some belonging to their solo careers.


Tickets on sale

On-line - with surcharge at Puntoticket from $14,950.

In person- without surcharge at Rock and Roll Record Store, from $13,000
Plaza Vergara 142 - Local 21, next to Cine Arte, +569 7498 2131.

Plaza Vergara 142 - In front of Plaza Principal.
Phone: (32) 288 2798



These are the public parking options closest to the Cine Arte de Viña:

Estero Parking

Marga Marga Central Parking

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