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 13 days, 60 Beatles places and a thousand emotions. This could summarize what the members of the next Beatles Tour to England will experience, in its 24th version,  departing on Tuesday, September 10,  2024.

Tour guide isMario Olguin, Director and Vocalist of the Chilean Group Beatlemania, expert in the history of the Beatles and who since 1997 and on 23 occasions, has been in charge of this magical and mysterious tour.

With 4 nights in Liverpool and 6 nights in London, The price is xxx dollars per person if you share a room and zzzz dollars if you opt for a single.  Airfare is not included in the price, leaving the passenger the choice of how to get to London, but there is always the option of traveling on the same flight as Mario.

                                   THE PRICE INCLUDES   :

- All land and river transport in both London and Liverpool (except days off in London).

- Accommodation with breakfast included at the Royal National Hotel in London  on 11,12,13,14  and September 19, 20, 2024.

- Accommodation with breakfast included, at the Holyday Inn Hotel in Liverpool on September 15, 16, 17 and 18, 2024.

-Thursday 12 of september : London City Tour by private bus (the traditional 2-decker), which additionally includes a cruise along the Thames River and a 30-minute return ride on the London Eye.


-Friday September 13Beatles London Tour Part 1. At least 10 Beatles places are visited, including Twickenham Studios and locations of the films "A Hard day's Night", "Help" and the documentary "Get Back".

-Saturday September 14 : Beatles London Tour Part 2. At least 15 Beatles locations are visited, including the former Apple building on whose rooftop they played for the last time.


  - Sunday September 15 : Beatles London Tour Part 3 .

 At least 15 Beatles locations are visited, including John's former house, Paul's house and the Abbey Road Zebra Crossing.


-Monday 16September: Beatles Liverpool Tour Part 1. Se  They visit at least 15 Beatles venues, including the Cavern Club and the Jacaranda.

-Tuesday September 17 : Beatles Liverpool Tour Part 2. At least 15 Beatles locations are visited, including Penny Lane and Strawberry Field.

   -Wednesday, September 18 : Beatles Liverpool Tour Part 3.

   - Private visit to John's house.

   - Private visit to Paul's house.
   - Private visit to the Casbah Coffee Club.

   -Private visit to the Liverpool Beatles Museum, which ends with           encounter   private with Pete Best, original drummer of The Beatles.

   -Thursday September 19 : Beatles Liverpool Tour Part 4.
   - Visit to the Beatles Story Museum, cruise along the Mersey River, free afternoon and return to London.

   -Friday, September 20 : Free day in London.


   -Saturday, September 21: Free day, return to Santiago at night.

cavern -2.jpg

Members Beatles Tour 2015, at the Cavern Club.

Members Beatles Tour 2014, by private bus.

Members Beatles Tour 2002, at Abbey Road Studios.

Members Beatles Tour 2019, at Strawberry Field.

casbah -1b.jpg

Members Beatles Tour 2018 with Pete Best, at the historic Casbah Coffee Club.

Members Beatles Tour 2022, at Abbey Road Zebra Crossing.




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