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Concert Description
To talk about The Beatles in Chile is to talk about Mario Olguín and to talk about Mario Olguín is to talk about Beatlemania, a  musical group that without ever pretending to imitate The Beatles, because in fact they do not dress up, they do not look alike  nor do they move like them, on the contrary their purpose is to bring the musical work of The Beatles to life in the same way that a philharmonic or symphony orchestra does with the work of the great classics, that is, with quality and seriousness.

Founded in 1989 by Olguín, the group  He has won everything in more than  34 years of uninterrupted history, according to Mario, can be counted on the fingers of one hand, the weekends they haven't played. Twice at the Viña del Mar Festival and winners of Gaviota de Plata, all the big stages in the country, all the stars of Chilean TV, tours through Bolivia, Peru, Paraguay, Argentina, the United States and England and 4 tours along with Pete Best, first drummer of The Beatles.

It is worth noting that Chile is the second country in the world with the most Beatles fans in the world and clearly the 34 years of Beatlemania have had a lot to do with this.

In this concert, Beatlemania will offer a selection of the best of the last 4 back-board concerts that it has offered in this same theater (December 2022, April 2023, jJuly 2023 and October 2023).

In addition, songs such as “I'm the walrus”, “Strawberry Field”, “She's leaving home” and “Golden Slumbers” among others, not played in the previous concerts, will be added to the set list.

As if the above were not enough, Beatlemania will play The Beatles' latest single “Now and then” released in November 2023.

A unique opportunity for parents to attend with their children of all ages, who are thousands of followers of The Beatles, and listen tothe music of The Beatles  live, in the voices and instruments of a Beatle group, considered by many, the best on the planet. 


*Event for all ages, everyone attending the event must have their ticket.


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