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The Beatles Liverpool Tour Part 1 is a tour that lasts almost 7 hours and is done on foot with stops at each of the Beatles places in the city center. There are more than 15 places, each with its own history. The high point of the day is the visit to the Cavern Club, although in the following days, this will be surpassed in excitement and spectacularity by other places.


1. The place where John and Cinthya got married in 1962.

2. The Catholic Cathedral, with beautiful architecture.

3. Oxford Maternity, where John Lennon was born (a plaque commemorates him).

4. Philharmonic Pub, John's favorite place. Very recently, Paul performed with his band at the venue.

5. Liverpool Institute, the secondary school where Paul and George studied.

6. School Of Art, secondary school, where John, Cynthia and Stuart Sutcliffe studied.

7. The apartment that John and Suart rented, when they were art students.

8. The Anglican Cathedral, one of the largest in the world. Paul has exhibited his classic works here.

9. Blue Angel (former Wyvern Social Club), the club where The Beatles auditioned for Larry Parnes.

10. The Jac, a pub owned by The Beatles' first manager, its walls preserve drawings by John and Stuart.

11. The Cavern Club.

12. The Grapes Pub, meeting place of The Beatles, there is a famous photo of them, drinking here.

13. Eleanor Rigby, statue erected in her memory, in the heart of the city.

14. Town Hall, there is a famous photo of The Beatles greeting their fans from the balcony of this building.

15. Monument to The Beatles, erected a couple of years ago, on the banks of the Mersey River. See more places and photos. 

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