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About 300 passengers have embarked on the Beatles Tour, which Mario Olguín has organized since 1997. It is a general opinion that this third day of the Beatles Tour in Liverpool is by far the greatest. First, we visit the most important houses in the history of The Beatles in Liverpool. The house where Paul lived from 1955 to 1963 and then John's, where he lived from 1945 to 1963. You tour every room and every corner of each of the houses, a privilege that very few Beatles Fans in the world can afford. Mario always says that when he arrives with his passengers at Paul's or John's house and once they are inside the house, he says to them "Do you see all those fans who are on the sidewalk taking selfies and photos of the house? "Well, they can't come in, because they're not part of my tour." After lunch on the banks of the Mersey, comes the coup de grace, a minibus takes us north of Liverpool, to the Casbah Coffee Club, where John, Paul, George and Pete Best really started, as they played here before playing at the Cavern Club. The Casbah, unlike the Cavern, has not been altered and remains exactly the same as when The Beatles played. At the end of the visit, everyone is excited because the Casbah was frozen in time and only the Fab 4 are missing to complete the picture. But on this tour, many dreams come true and when the first drummer of The Beatles, Pete Best, appears at the door and hugs Mario, you simply arrive at a unique moment, a dream moment, because being and sharing with a Beatle and in the same place where he played with John, Paul and George, it is a privilege that few Beatles Fans in the world have had. 1. The house where Paul lived between 1955 and 1963. 2. The house where John lived between 1945 and 1963. 3. Casbah, the club run by Pete Best's mother and where it all really began. " width="944" height="1086" src="images/u31550-77.png?crc=45511069" data-hidpi-src="images/u31550-77_2x.png?crc=3958117830">

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