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On this day, the main Beatle activity is to visit the Beatles Story Museum, an extraordinary multimedia museum where the history of The Beatles from the beginning to the end of their careers is displayed with objects, photos, videos and recordings. Each passenger is provided with a headphone system that allows them to listen to the corresponding story in the language of their choice at each exhibition point. The tour lasts between 1 and 2 hours and will depend on the visitor's interest and the time they spend. The exit door of the museum connects directly to a Beatles Shop, where you can buy souvenirs, clothing, posters, etc. The visit starts at 10 and ends at 12:30, including shopping. At 1 pm passengers board a ferry across the River Mersey, this journey lasts almost an hour. At 2 pm, they are free to roam, some going shopping and others visiting local attractions. It is recommended to visit the Liverpool Museum or the Maritime Museum among others. Passengers are summoned at 6.30 pm at the hotel, since at 8 pm, they must board the train back to London. See more places and photos. 

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